Jennifer Garner, 52, Is Proudly Showing Off Her New Boyfriend… And You Better Sit Down, Because You Might Recognize Him!

Jennifer Garner’s New Relationship: A Private Love Story

Jennifer Garner, 52, has been quietly dating businessman John Miller, avoiding the media frenzy surrounding her ex-husband Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Unlike Affleck and Lopez, who are often in the spotlight, Garner and Miller prefer to keep their relationship low-key.

Garner and Miller have been together for five years, having started their relationship six months before her divorce from Affleck was finalized in 2018. Miller, the CEO of CaliBurger and its parent company CaliGroup, was previously married to violinist Caroline Campbell and has two children. Garner admires Miller’s indifference to Hollywood’s superficiality, and according to a source, “They don’t need approval from others to know they’re meant to be together; they’re happier being an ordinary, under-the-radar couple.”

Despite a brief split in 2020, Garner and Miller’s relationship has grown stronger. Friends say they bring out the best in each other, with Miller being thoughtful and supportive. “Jen has become much more confident around John,” a source revealed. “She’s proud to show him off.”

While the couple isn’t rushing to blend their families or get married, they are enjoying their time together. During Garner’s 50th birthday, they united their families for a meaningful food drive. “Jen and John have a truly unique bond,” a source shared. Garner finds comfort in being with someone outside the public eye.


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