If You See Abandoned Stroller On The Side Of The Road, Here’s What You Must Do

A new and concerning scam that preys on the generosity of strangers has surfaced in a world where there is a strong inclination to aid those in need.A worried mother has alerted people about something nasty on social media.

She cautioned against pulling over to help what looks to be a stroller or infant that has been abandoned on the side of the road.

The Viral Warning

The mother included a picture of a stroller parked close to some shrubs off of a road in her post, which has since gone viral.

She has sent out an urgent note that says, “If you see a stroller, car seat, or any type of baby situation alone in the middle of nowhere, please, I repeat, don’t get out. Be safe.” 

Image Credit: Nancy Walsh with Jeff Cook Real Estate – Facebook

Public Responses

This warning was met with an instant and widespread response. Numerous folks concurred and voiced their own worries:

Safety Concerns: “Yes, people lie in wait,” a commenter said. “At best they rob you, at worst they bash you too.”

Desperation over money: According to another, “Families are struggling, some of them will use kids as bait.”

The Modus Operandi

Thieves who lurk in wait to prey on well-intentioned people use this “abandoned baby” approach.

The robbers strike when a good-hearted person pulls over to see how the stroller is doing. frequently resulting in bodily harm or robbery.

Not a New Strategy

Image Credit: Nancy Walsh with Jeff Cook Real Estate – Facebook

There have previously been similar cautions given. But the most recent post has drawn a lot of attention, with comments about how cruel it is to use a baby as bait coming from all around the world.

Public Reactions: “OMG – I would be out of the car so fast to check, thanks for the warning,” said one mother.

Emotional Control: A second individual said, “This is so cruel because they are targeting the best of us.”

Options Besides Stopping

Many suggested doing different measures instead of halting given the possible danger:

Dial the cops: “I would just call the police to have a look at it. It sounds harsh but it isn’t worth the trouble.”

Remain Alert: Some advised against physically interfering, instead advising remaining in the car and getting in touch with the police.

Funny Reactions

Not every response was serious; several people laughed at the circumstances:

Husband’s Struggle: “This stroller was probably dumped by my husband who after two years still can’t workout how to fold it for the boot.”

Tantrums from toddlers: “A mum had to dump it cos her toddler wanted to walk but didn’t want her to push the groceries in the empty pram. She will be back to get it later.”

Additional Comparable

The “abandoned baby” hoax is a subset of a larger pattern of dishonest tactics intended to take advantage of kindhearted people. Scams that are comparable to this one also include:

The “Dead Man” is a roadside character that appears to be unconscious.

The “Screaming Woman”: People cry out for assistance, only to have those who respond to them ambushed.

Real-life Encounters

Individuals discussed their own encounters and the guidance they were given:

Police Advice: “I pulled over to help a man passed out on the side of the road once. The police officer yelled at me and said it is often a scam and as a single woman I should be more careful.”

Women Scammers: “I have heard of women screaming for help only to do the same thing. Just call the cops and move on.”

In summary

With 23,000 shares and thousands of comments, the viral post highlights the general worry and the necessity of maintaining vigilance.

Although it is admirable to want to help, it is important to put one’s own safety first and let the authorities to handle potentially harmful circumstances.

Being alert and careful is crucial in a world where frauds are getting more and more sophisticated.

An “abandoned baby” or any other questionable circumstance should always be reported to the authorities, but in the meantime, keep careful and don’t put yourself in danger.



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