How to Buy an 1 Euro House in Italy

Firstly, let’s clear some things up here..

That 1 euro home is going to take A LOT of work before it’s your dream home.

The houses selling in Italy for this cheap are nearly in total ruins. The Italian government runs this incentive, frankly, so they don’t have to deal with the costs of renovating the houses. Also, it boosts tourism in towns that could really benefit from it.

For whichever city you saw the 1 euro homes advertised (there are several), try googling that city’s government website.

Cinquefrondi is just one of the many Italian town’s advertising this incentive.

Depending on what country you’re from, the official government website for that small Italian town may require some digging. Try to search through the first three pages of Google.

Different towns will have their own ways of communication. For example, Cinquefrondi has a special email for inquiries. They have many requests coming through, so just be patient and they will get back to you after you’ve reached out to them.

These requirements are specifically for purchasing a home in the town of CINQUEFRONDI. Again, different towns may have different requirements, so it is important you find their government site!

You do not need to be Italian. You must declare that you have not committed mafia crimes. In addition to the 1 euro payment, you will have to pay legal document fees. Restructuring and renovations must begin within 3 months of purchase, and be finished in 3 years.

You must purchase an insurance policy of about 100 euros (the maximum coverage is 20,000 euros).

The most of these 1 euro homes are currently not habitable and need to be completely restructured and renovated.

On the Cinquefrondi’s government website, they have a section featuring homes for sale.

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