15 Photos Taken Just Before Disaster Hit

Transasia’s Flight 235

A Dash Cam Captures The Moments Before Transasia’s Flight 235 Crashed In The Keelung River In Taiwan. The Plane Carried 58 People – Only 15 Survived.

One Of The Last Known Photos Of Titanic

One Of The Last Known Photos Of Titanic Afloat. It Sank On 15 April 1912 After Colliding With An Iceberg.

There Were An Estimated 2,224 Passengers And Crew Aboard – More Than 1,500 Didn’t Survive.

Southwest Airlines Flight 182

In 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 Tragically Crashed Into A Small Private Cessna 172 Plane And Fell From The Sky.

This Picture Captures The Plane Just Before It Hit The Ground

Last Moments Of Harambe

Last Moments Of Harambe, Gorilla Killed After A Child Fell Into His Enclosure At The Cincinnati Zoo In 2016.

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