Kim Kardashian Compared To Marilyn Monroe In A Photoshoot

Fans were taken aback by Kim Kardashian’s stunning new photo shoot, which brought parallels to the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

In an animal print bikini and platinum blonde haircut, the 43-year-old reality TV actress channelled the glitz of the late movie star, dazzling Instagram followers and creating a stir on social media.

Under the direction and styling of Soki Mak and with photos taken by Michael Bailey Gates, the mother of four accentuated her figure with a cheeky-cut bikini and black pumps.

She wore a similar Zana Bayne masquerade mask with an animal print made of leather to complete the ensemble.

Star stylist Chris Appleton created Kim’s blown-out crop, which is evocative of Marilyn Monroe’s go-to look.

Makeup artist Kali Kennedy finished the makeover by giving Kim the trendy thin eyebrows, which is another homage to Marilyn Monroe’s timeless appearance.

Soon after, fans saw how much Kim looked like Marilyn, and many called her a “icon” in appreciation.

One fan said, “Monroe Style elegance & sexy.”

“So.. you’re telling me this isn’t Marilyn Monroe? 😍,” model Winnie Harlow continued.

Kim wore an embroidered, see-through dress in a different batch of pictures from the same session, which brought back memories of her contentious Met Gala appearance in 2022.

In reference to the well-known outfit Marilyn Monroe donned in 1962 to serenade President John F. Kennedy on his birthday, one follower remarked, “Looks like you’re about to sing happy birthday to the president.”

Kim made quite the buzz with her 2022 Met Gala outfit. Before the occasion, she posed for pictures in the notoriously tight, crystal-encrusted dress.

Despite the fact that she looked gorgeous, some were incensed that she took the chance of breaking the renowned item.

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