Jenny Darren is today’s heroine. She was a surprise guest on Britain’s Got Talent, where she impressed the musical judges. The 68-year-old woman performed “Highway to Hell,” a song by AC/DC, and her performance went viral, captivating audiences worldwide.

Jenny has an intimate connection with rock music that she finds hard to describe. She began singing at the age of 12 and grew up listening to legends like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Her familiarity with various musical genres is extensive, ranging from pop to academic music. There are numerous genres within these categories, including lyrical, epic, dramatic, and march and dance music. Additionally, performance genres like cinema, concert, and theatrical performances continue to evolve.

Music, as an art form, reflects reality through sound and artistic imagery, aiming to touch the emotional and sensual aspects of listeners. Vocal art is one of the oldest forms of musical expression, capable of conveying the artistic content of a piece through emotional expression, words, and intonation. Singers can perform solo, in ensembles, quartets, quintets, or choirs, with or without instrumental accompaniment, and with or without text (vocalise).

Singing styles vary, encompassing pop, academic, and folk music. Female voices are classified into soprano or mezzo-soprano, while male voices are categorized as tenor, baritone, or bass.

Watch the video below to witness Jenny’s incredible performance.

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