Small metal dart found in yard. Located in Northeast USA. “Nose” is threaded but doesn’t completely screw off. No stamps or markings. Any idea?

In a quiet Northeast USA neighborhood, a homeowner discovered a small metal dart partially buried in their yard. The dart, measuring just a few inches, had a threaded “nose” that didn’t unscrew completely and lacked any stamps or markings.
Curious about its origin, the homeowner speculated it might be part of a child’s toy or an old tool. Local experts, including a historical society curator and an antique shop owner, couldn’t identify it. Despite its early 20th-century engineering design, its exact purpose remained unclear.

Seeking answers, the homeowner turned to the internet, posting about the find on various forums. User Minimum-Zucchini-732 suggested, “Likely Kid’s toy – you put a cap in the end, throw it, and it pops on landing.” Another user, Budget_Roof1065, shared, “Cap bomb… Twist the top, put a paper cap in, twist the top back down, throw it up in the air. When it hits the pavement, it makes a bang.”

Despite these insights, the true identity of the dart remains a mystery. Its threaded nose and lack of markings continue to puzzle those who encounter it, making it a captivating artifact and conversation starter.

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