Remembering Sienna Stewart: A Brave Graduate’s Journey

Sienna Stewart, an inspiring 18-year-old graduate from Hiram High School, passed away just a few weeks after an unforgettable moment at her graduation ceremony on May 23rd.

Sienna had been battling severe cardiomyopathy and was recently diagnosed with heart failure. Despite her health challenges, she summoned every ounce of strength to walk across the stage to receive her diploma, a moment that her family will forever cherish.

On that momentous day, Sienna unexpectedly collapsed, losing consciousness. Thankfully, paramedics swiftly arrived to assist her. When she regained consciousness, she tearfully insisted on completing her walk across the stage.

Sienna’s journey had been marked by resilience. At the age of 4, she received a life-saving heart transplant and had lived a relatively normal life for ten years. However, earlier this year, she began experiencing weakness and deterioration.

Sienna’s mother, Saevon Chum, shared that her daughter would occasionally have episodes where she would collapse, and unfortunately, it happened on her graduation day. As Sienna fell, the high school principal could be heard requesting everyone’s patience.

“When I got there, the ambulance was already there,” Sienna’s mom recounted in an interview with Fox5Atlanta. “She had collapsed. She had had another episode. But this was the first time she collapsed unconscious.”

Despite the scare, Sienna was determined to walk across the stage rather than go to the hospital. She pleaded with her mother, expressing her desire to graduate and fulfill her dreams. As the last student to receive her diploma that day, Sienna was met with a standing ovation from her peers and everyone in attendance.

“All she could tell me is, ‘I just want to graduate, I want to walk.’ That’s all she wanted because she already missed her prom. Before then, she was in the hospital and missed her senior prom,” Saevon shared.

Tragically, a few weeks after her moment of triumph at graduation, Sienna passed away. As her mother bravely expressed, “As a mom, you feel so proud because she just fought through something that hurts her. You have to be proud. Till the end, I was proud.”

Sienna had big plans for her future. Her obituary revealed that she had intended to attend college and pursue a career in sonogram technology in the fall.

Let us remember Sienna Stewart’s indomitable spirit and the strength she displayed throughout her short yet impactful life. May she rest in peace.

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