Girl, 6, Tragically Passes Away in Freak Badminton Accident

A heartbreaking incident unfolded when six-year-old Lucy Morgan lost her life in a freak badminton accident. As she swung the racket downward, a piece of metal from the handle broke off and pierced her skull, causing severe injuries. This tragic accident occurred while Lucy and her family were on vacation in Limerick, Maine.

Lucy’s father, Pastor Jesse Morgan, shared the heartbreaking details on his blog. He recounted how, despite being unresponsive, Lucy was still breathing on her own after the metal piece struck her.

She was rushed to the nearest hospital and then airlifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland. There, she underwent an operation to relieve pressure and address her injury, but the doctors explained that the chances of her recovery were minimal.

In a poignant revelation, Jesse shared that Lucy had spoken about meeting God just a month before the accident. She had asked her mom about being “saved,” and after a brief conversation, she went to her room to pray. Jesse wrote, “She went to her room and prayed to God to forgive her and that she believed in Jesus’ death and resurrection. What a gift.”

Jesse offered updates on Lucy’s condition, sharing the devastating news of her worsening brain function. Despite the medical personnel’s best efforts, Lucy’s injuries proved to be too extensive. Sadly, Lucy Lynn Morgan passed away the following morning at 4 am. Jesse expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from friends and family during this difficult time.

To help the grieving family, loved ones established a GoFundMe campaign that has surpassed its initial goal of $100,000. The funds raised will aid in covering expenses for meals while they are away from home, lodging for family members, and medical costs. The overwhelming response to the campaign is a testament to the love and compassion that people have shown towards the Morgans.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the Morgan family for their tragic loss. May Lucy rest in peace, and may the family find comfort in the love and support surrounding them.

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