“Elvis wanted to marry me, but I refused!” The starlet who had a passionate affair with the famous artist: “He really wanted me as his wife but I

Debra Paget: Beauty, Talent, and Elvis

Debra Paget, born on August 19, 1933, in Denver, Colorado, captivated millions with her role in Elvis Presley’s debut film, Love Me Tender. Legendary director Cecil B. DeMille described her as “touched by the hand of God.”

Raised in a showbiz family, Debra moved to Los Angeles in the 1930s. Her career began early, starring in Broken Arrow at age 14. Her role in The Ten Commandments (1956) as Lilia was a career highlight, earning widespread acclaim.

Debra met Elvis on the set of Love Me Tender. Initially skeptical, she found him to be pleasant and sincere. Elvis was smitten, visiting her parents’ house and proposing marriage. However, Debra’s parents objected, and she declined, later marrying actor David Street.

Debra left the industry in 1964 and now lives a private life at 89. She always spoke fondly of Elvis, who remained captivated by her. Her legacy endures as a cherished figure from Hollywood’s golden age, remembered for her beauty, talent, and connection with Elvis Presley.

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