‘Price is Right’ contestant stuns Drew Carey with ‘best Showcase bid in the history of the show’.

The cost seemed just about perfect during last week’s incredible episode of The Price is Right.During the Showcase Showdown, host Drew Carey was completely taken aback when a contestant made a bid that was incredibly close to the actual value of the prize. Carey even went as far as calling it the “greatest Showcase bid ever seen on the show.”


Patrice Masse, a contestant from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, competed in the game show and reached the final round called the Showcase Showdown. He wagered $39,500 on a prize bundle which included a vacation to Miami and a brand new car. Carey was left speechless when it was time to unveil the true worth of the prize package. He started by saying, “Let me share with you…” as the crowd and Masse eagerly waited for the outcome. “Thirty-nine thousand, five-oh-one.” Check out the crazy moment in the video down there. VIDEO Masse’s offer was less than $1, so he ended up winning both prize bundles. As per the current rules, if a contestant’s guess is within $250 without going over, they win both showcases. Masse’s amazing guess made him one of the few Double Showcase Winners on the show. Great job, Patrice! Your win was truly amazing. It will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest victories on game shows.

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