Barbra Streisand says she ‘can’t live in this country’ if this happens

Barbra Streisand recently defended Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on social media, accusing conservatives of attempting to tarnish Willis’s reputation by targeting her personal life. Streisand criticized efforts to have Willis fired, calling it “ridiculous” and noting, “Men do it all the time!”

She emphasized that Willis’s private relationship with subordinate prosecutor Nathan Wade, involved in the Trump investigation, should not impact her professional role. Streisand stated, “Trump and his allies are attacking Fani Willis, the DA who is prosecuting him for attempting to overthrow the will of the voters in Georgia.”

Streisand argued that this attack is a diversion from Trump’s attempts to pressure the Georgia Secretary of State to find more votes and to submit false electors to Congress. She maintained that Willis’s personal life has no bearing on the facts of the case.

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