Viewers could always count on “The Carol Burnett Show” for a hearty chuckle! Take a peek at this clip, and you’ll hear the studio audience erupting with laughter as Tim Conway spins his hysterical improvised tale. Even the cast members themselves can’t resist cracking up at his antics.

Conway’s fellow actors struggle to keep a straight face as he weaves a whimsical yarn about a circus elephant. Carol Burnett can’t help but bury her head in her hands, while Vicki Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke are equally unable to contain their amusement.

Playing the character Mickey Hart in a game of ‘Password,’ Conway’s Mickey feels compelled to share the saga of an elephant from the circus.

The first part of the clip sees Conway riffing on the story, detailing how the elephant and its trainer became unlikely lovers and were even laid to rest together. The actors can barely contain themselves, shaking and hiding their faces as they try to regain composure.

The hilarity escalates in the second part as Conway launches into another improvised riff, this time about Siamese twin elephants connected by their trunks. Even Conway himself starts to giggle at his own absurdity.

Carol struggles to deliver her next line, but manages to prompt “Mama,” played by Vicki Lawrence, to take her turn in the game. Vicki, quick-witted as ever, fires back with an R-rated punchline that sends the audience into hysterics, causing both Tim Conway and Dick Van Dyke to collapse in laughter, tumbling off the couch and onto the floor!

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