Daughter Embarrassed by Mother Forces Her to Act as the Housekeeper When Her Wealthy Fiancé Visits — Story of the Day

Nicky Weaver was the epitome of a pampered and self-centered young woman, whose character flaws could arguably be traced back to her upbringing by her doting mother, Sophia. Sophia had lavished all her love and resources on her only child, creating an environment where Nicky rarely faced the consequences of her actions.

Sophia’s life had taken a tragic turn when she was involved in a severe car accident, which left her physically disabled and marked by scars. Her husband, unable to cope with the changes, had abandoned the family, leaving Sophia to raise Nicky alone. Over the years, Sophia’s world revolved entirely around her daughter, hoping to shield her from the harshness of life.

However, as Nicky grew older, she became acutely aware of her mother’s physical impairments, which starkly contrasted with the appearance of her peers’ parents. This realization sparked a sense of embarrassment in Nicky, which manifested during her high school years. She found herself ashamed of Sophia’s limp and the visible scar on her neck, leading her to insist that her mother hide away during public events. “Look mom!” she’d once exclaimed. “I’m the most popular girl in school and the prettiest — you don’t LOOK like my mom!” This statement deeply hurt Sophia, who nonetheless acquiesced to her daughter’s wishes, distancing herself to preserve Nicky’s social status.

Despite the emotional distance during her high school and college years, where Nicky embraced independence, Sophia’s hope for her daughter’s maturity grew when Nicky returned home after college. However, Nicky’s superficial values remained unchanged, and she soon began dating George, the affluent son of her employer. To Nicky, George represented an escape from what she perceived as a mediocre life, declaring to her mother, “This is it, mom. George is the big time for me! No more poky little apartments and cheap clothes!”Sophia, who had worked hard to provide a comfortable life through her successful online business, was taken aback by Nicky’s dismissive attitude. Her pain only deepened when Nicky announced her engagement to George, not out of love, but for the lifestyle he could provide. “Love?” Nicky scoffed when Sophia mentioned it. “Surely you don’t think I’m that stupid? You married for love and look at you now!”

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