Seeing Her Father Sing “Ave Maria” Brings Tears to Her Eyes

A Magical Moment at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

An Unexpected Performance

Justin Gigliello and his daughter Lyla visited Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, where a simple request from Lyla to a pianist turned into a viral sensation. Justin, dressed casually in shorts and a football jersey, surprised everyone with his stunning rendition of “Ave Maria,” accompanied by the formally attired pianist.

Capturing Hearts

The performance quickly drew a crowd, captivated by Justin’s beautiful and refined classic tenor voice. The moment was made even more special by the adoring and proud look Lyla gave her father, which melted the hearts of those present and later, viewers online.

Viral Sensation

The video of this spontaneous performance spread like wildfire on social media, with one particular post by FOX 35 Orlando amassing over 14 million views. Viewers were not only impressed by Justin’s talent but also touched by the sweet bond between father and daughter. Comments flooded in, praising Justin’s incredible voice and the priceless look of love and admiration on Lyla’s face.

Experience the heartwarming and unexpected performance by Justin Gigliello that turned an ordinary day at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort into an unforgettable one. Watch the video below and see how a father’s talent and a daughter’s love captured the hearts of millions.

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