Is it fair for her to pay for her boyfriend’s children every time they go out?

A woman recently found herself in a predicament when she realized she had been paying for her boyfriend and his children every time they went out to eat. This situation left her feeling frustrated and unsure of how to handle it. To seek guidance, she turned to the popular online forum, Reddit, where netizens weighed in on her predicament.

The woman’s concern was not only about the financial burden but also about how she reacted in front of her boyfriend’s children. She was worried that her actions might have been viewed as selfish without taking their feelings into account. After all, the children loved eating at restaurants, and they would often go out together as a family once a week.

However, every time they went out, her boyfriend conveniently “forgot” his wallet at home, leaving her to foot the bill. Initially, this didn’t bother her as much, but as time went on, she realized that she was being left broke from paying for dinner multiple times in the previous month.

One night, after just receiving payment from her second part-time job, the couple, along with the children, headed out for dinner once again. Anticipating that her boyfriend might forget his wallet once more, she sent him a friendly reminder through text. Unfortunately, he brushed it off and didn’t take it seriously.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the situation took a turn for the worse. The children eagerly ordered many new and relatively pricey items from the menu. Before they started eating, the woman decided to inquire about her boyfriend’s wallet to ensure he had remembered to bring it this time. To her dismay, he had a shocked expression and searched through his pockets but couldn’t find his wallet. Sheepishly, he admitted, “Guess I forgot it in the other pair of jeans that I thought I was going to wear.”

At this point, the woman had reached her limit. She had had enough of constantly paying for her boyfriend and his children without any consideration from his side. Frustrated, she gathered her belongings, ready to leave the restaurant without even getting a chance to eat dinner.

When her boyfriend noticed her leaving, he demanded to know her intentions and where she was going. She firmly explained that she was not prepared to pay for him and his children again, as she didn’t feel it was fair. He was taken aback by her decision and tried to guilt-trip her, calling her selfish for leaving him and his children in that situation.

Later, the woman received a phone call from her boyfriend, who continued to insist that she was selfish for not showing sympathy towards him and his children. In response, she stood her ground. She explained that she could no longer afford to pay for their meals every time they went out and that it wasn’t fair to expect her to do so.

In the end, the woman’s actions sparked a conversation about fairness and consideration in a relationship. Netizens on Reddit shared their thoughts and opinions, offering support and guidance based on their own experiences. It opened up an important dialogue about financial responsibility and mutual respect within a partnership.

Overall, the woman’s dilemma highlights the need for open communication and equal financial contributions in a relationship, especially when children are involved. It is essential to consider everyone’s needs and ensure a fair and balanced approach to shared expenses.

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