Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these … in my daughters’ room.

Among the many social media sites, Facebook has been wonderful for creating friendly community groups. These groups can offer advice and support on various topics, especially cleaning and housekeeping! Quite often, though, some posts end up rallying the community to solve a perplexing mystery while raising concerns about the person who shared them. Such was the case when Kelli Tarin posted an unusual picture of a mysterious pile in the group “Homemaking Tips.”

Tarin’s post went up on August 10th. It featured a picture of a peculiar, dirt-like substance heaped on the floor. She mentioned that she found these mysterious mounds in her daughter’s room every day and cleaned them up, only for them to reappear. Naturally, she was worried about what it was and whether it was something harmful. Having recently moved into a rented house, she was eager to figure this out. Tarin described the odd piles as looking and feeling like shells, though they resembled anthills or coffee grounds.

Diving Deeper into the Mystery

Tarin’s appeal to the online community quickly gained traction. The strange piles caught the attention of many, gathering over 440,000 reactions and more than 9000 comments. Despite the massive interest, no one could definitively identify the mysterious mounds. People had plenty of theories, though. Some believed it might be an ant colony, especially tenacious and elusive. Others guessed it was mouse droppings, yet another group suggested it could be termite waste. Taking all of these suggestions to heart, Tarin opted to consult professionals for a precise diagnosis.

To her surprise, the pest control experts she contacted were equally puzzled. Neither of the two agencies had encountered anything like the mysterious heaps before.

Throughout this, Tarin ensured her daughter slept in her father’s room for safety until they could identify the cause. It was not termites, as their droppings aren’t typically crunchy or

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