Pamela Anderson’s Makeup For The Met Gala Sparks Furious Debate

In my opinion, the lives of superstars are not particularly envied.Though many have ascended to the pinnacle of a career path that countless others aspire to, and in the process, have amassed wealth, notoriety, and admiration, there are numerous disadvantages to leading a life in the public view.

To begin with, I’m not sure whether I could handle the volume of criticism that most celebrities appear to receive.

They believe that everyone is a critic and that even if someone is doing something well, there will always be a horde of individuals eager to point out their flaws.

Imagine attempting to go through life when everyone you’ve never met analyzes and discusses every decision you make, including what to wear and how to walk.

Newspapers are printed, rumors circulate, and soon you find yourself the target of public analysis just for following your own desires.

Although people who have been in the spotlight for a long time, like Pamela Anderson, are familiar with this reality, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to unpleasant remarks that people may occasionally make about them.

This is never more evident than after large occasions like the Met Gala, when most participants go above and beyond in terms of their creativity to don ensembles that vary from the audacious to the weird.

While criticizing someone’s red carpet outfit is nothing new, we believe it is impolite to go out of your way to disparage someone’s true style.

Not their shoes or tie, not their clothing or suit, but rather their skin tone, hair, and makeup selection.

Fans of Pamela Anderson will know that she made her Met Gala début earlier this week, deviating slightly from her recent all-makeup appearance to have a little but noticeable touch-up.

The 56-year-old model wore a stunning cream-colored gown that Oscar de la Renta created especially for the occasion.

It was adorned with crystals and diamond chains and was purportedly worth around 200 carats from Pandora.

It would be an understatement to say that she looked amazing that evening, mixing it up with the cream of the entertainment world’s who’s who. And what about her makeup? Pamela presented a pretty face to the world, though, one that was subtly enhanced with matte lipstick, pink blush, and gold eye shadow.

And yet, some individuals were still willing to find fault with the way she looked.

“This ain’t it, Pam. Could have done so much better here, especially with the hair. Not a good look at all,” someone commented.

“She looks older than her age. More like a woman in her mid 60s,” said another.

“She is glowing but wish she had fuller brows. It’s so distracting and very drag-Queen makeup,” wrote a third.

“Seems she didn’t wear much makeup and didn’t have time to finish her hair?“ inquired a fourth.

“Her hair looks like she was sleeping on bad pillows!!” a fifth person said.

Luckily, there were others who shared her opinion and could commend the actress.

“Pamela is the best and the most beautiful of the whole lot. Simple, elegant, natural and stunning and practical,” wrote one fan.

Another said, “She looks better than 90% of the women there.”

“She looks better than 90% of women there,” said another.


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