If You See Someone With These Tattoos, Call The Cops

People with tattoos that capture your attention may be someone you see while strolling around your neighborhood.

Even though tattoos can be unique artistic expressions, it’s crucial to understand that certain tattoos have gang affiliations.

Gang activity has crept into our own towns; it’s no longer just a problem in big places like New York or Los Angeles.It is essential to be able to spot and stay away from the telltale symptoms of gang membership in order to protect our loved ones and ourselves. Tattoos are a common way for gang members to advertise their membership and dominance over territory. We can increase our security by becoming familiar with these tattoos.

The following list of typical gang tattoos to be wary of:

Members of the Neo-Nazi Aryan Brotherhood frequently sport the numbers “14” or “88” on their bodies as tattoos, signifying their affiliation with a sizable prison group.

Spiderweb Tattoo: Usually seen on the elbow, this tattoo is frequently seen on people who have served a significant period of time in jail or prison and have since joined a gang as a means of protection.

Teardrop Tattoo: Depending on the gang, this tattoo has different meanings. It usually refers to a murder carried out on the gang’s behalf.

“Three Dots” Tattoo: This design represents a gang lifestyle of “mi vida loca,” or “my gang life.” Those who have this tattoo are not part of any specific gang.

Five-Dot Tattoo: Compared to a three-dot tattoo, a five-dot tattoo is more harsh and indicates a lengthy prison sentence.

“MS” Tattoo: Often seen on the bodies of its members, this tattoo is connected to the infamous MS-13 gang, which was established by immigrants from El Salvador. Members of MS-13 are notorious for attacking innocent people at random.

It’s advisable to keep your distance if you see someone sporting any of these tattoos. Increased gang strength as a result of recent efforts like “defund the police” makes it more difficult for law enforcement to tackle rising crime rates.

It is more important than ever to remain watchful and aware of any indications of gang activity. Your attentiveness may even save lives.

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