Some Of The Most Bizarre Dating Stories We’ve Heard

Dating can be a fun journey with lots of laughs and the chance to meet someone special. But anyone who has been on a lot of dates knows that not all of them end in a romantic story. Actually, some dates can be so awkward that we just want to leave right away.

Let us look at some funny and surprising things that have gone wrong on dates.

1. I’m glad it’s over

A woman wrote about her terrible date on Reddit. As they talked about their first date, her partner complained about his life for an hour straight, leaving her with no time to talk. She told him she had to go to the bathroom because she was angry and then chose to drive home instead.

When they got to the restaurant, things didn’t get better. He bragged about how great his home country was when he ordered her food and ended up spilling juice on himself while he criticized the staff. As the night went on, he talked about how he wanted to be a boss and fire people he thought were not doing their job. She wanted to split the check when it came, but he yelled at her. She walked away after leaving money on the table.

She didn’t want to make a scene, so she reluctantly let him walk her home. Silence filled the walk, and when they got to her front door, he tried to push himself on her. He was told to leave by being pushed away and thrown money at him. Her story was told to his family after the event, and they stopped talking to her.

2. Making the Exit

Someone on Reddit went on a date with someone who insisted on going to a fancy restaurant. The person was glued to their phone the whole time, taking calls and answering texts. The waitress saw this and quietly brought out two different bills. The user took advantage of the chance and paid their part of the price before leaving.

3. A Kiss for Two

A man in the Air Force went on a date that his buddy set up when he was 18. The guys decided to watch a movie together, and his date brought a big stuffed rabbit named Pebbles as a treat for everyone. They got ice cream and drove to the house of his date’s cousin after the movie. As they got close to the door, his date suggested that he kiss both her and Pebbles to keep Pebbles from being jealous. Even though the situation was strange, he did what they asked and kissed both of them.

4. Giving up

A friend set up a man on a blind date. What he didn’t expect was that his date didn’t look anything like the pictures she had online when they met at the theater. Things got even worse when she brought him to the movie with her parents and nine-year-old brother. The brother kept kicking the back of the man’s seat the whole movie. He left to go to the bathroom because he couldn’t stand it any longer and chose to drive home instead.

5. A Strange Request

A woman was shocked when her date asked her to pay for her own ticket at the London Zoo on their first date. He showed her a two-for-one coupon that let him in for free while she paid for her own ticket. She agreed. To say the least, it’s a strange move.

6. A big turnoff

A woman was having dinner with a man when she saw his wedding ring fall out of his pocket when he went for his wallet. She threw some cash on the table right away and chose to walk home because she felt bad about what was happening. On very rare occasions, the situation was too disgusting for her to want to eat.

7. Where is the check?

A man was shocked when his date told him she was engaged but wanted to go on a few more dates to make sure her fiancé was the right one. The man didn’t take long to ask for the check and leave quickly.

Dating can be very up and down, and sometimes it takes these funny and surprising goofs to really enjoy the good times. Don’t forget that not every date will go perfectly, but you never know when you might find someone truly magical.

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