Unhinged Boston Democrat cussing out colleagues, pounding on table

Has anyone tried telling her to calm down? This unhinged Democrat pounding on tables, cussing out her own colleagues, and demanding respect as a black woman was going fully off the rails while she works to dismantle the white folks and spark a revolution for equity.

But of course, it’s hard to get respect from anyone when you’re doing all of the above and even directing the negative energy at your own side of politics.

It’s become so bad that even her own fellow liberals are casting her out. Her name is Tania Fernandes and this video is a bit older, but has resurfaced, said a report on Daily Mail:
But now even her liberal colleagues have become concerned that she has created an ‘unhealthy’ environment, with one anonymous source telling Fox News Anderson often swears, yells and screams at public city hall meetings, deeming her colleagues racist. In the resurfaced video from 2022, she is seen slamming the table as she yells: ‘What the f*** do I have to do in this f***ing council to get respect as a black woman?’

During the same meeting, Anderson called the city council ‘depraved’ and ‘stupidly racially divided’ as they discussed redistricting.
‘I can’t even call you guys cowards because desperation deserves mercy,’ Anderson added of her colleagues. ‘Your votes here sometimes are racist… I am here to represent every black woman and man in the community.’ The anonymous colleague says Anderson has been ‘hostile, verbally abusive and anti-Semitic.’

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