Sophie Fatu Continues to Thrive Years After ‘America’s Got Talent’ Viral Audition

The charming 5-year-old jazz vocalist Sophie Fatu made her America’s Got Talent Season 13 audition.

Being the youngest competitor to ever appear on the competition, she created history.

With her rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” the now 8-year-old has launched an incredible singing and acting career.

Sophie’s adorable appearance on the AGT stage in 2018 captured the attention of both the judges and the audience.

The sheer number of people who would be attending her performance astounded her.

She has previously appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Little Big Shots

Though he was more interested in Sophie being Eric’s girlfriend, Simon Cowell appreciated her performance.

After Sophie’s rendition of “New York, New York” in the Judge Cuts, Eric, who was stopping by the set, and she had a cute moment. Embarrassed by the whole thing, Eric fled.

More than 46 million people have watched her AGT audition. Sofie’s mother Vicky posted on her Instagram account in April 2020 stating that she is still awaiting a call from Eric.

Sophie Fatu, who stole the judges’ hearts on “AGT,” now releases original music

In 2019, Sophie gave a performance at Westbury Theater in New York alongside fellow participant Sal Valentinetti, following her rise to stardom on AGT.

She performed a few well-known holiday songs. She also dropped a much-anticipated rendition of Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back” along with a music video.

Since she started releasing upbeat song covers from various genres on her YouTube channel, Sophie has received over 81 million views overall.

Sophie recorded her EP, Love is…, at Capitol Studios—the same facility that Frank Sinatra used—and published it in 2019.

A documentary that accompanied the EP’s creation was made available on YouTube. When she recorded the EP, she was six years old. Her record at Capitol Studios makes her the youngest artist ever to record there.

Actually, a few days after a cyberattack caused her Facebook profile to be removed, Love is… was supposed to be released, but it was delayed.

Alongside Chuck Berghofer, who recorded and toured with Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Peggy Lee, and Ray Charles, she recorded the song.

Love is… is a collection of six songs that honor some of Sophie’s greatest vocal inspirations, and each song showcases her amazing vocals.

Additionally, Sophie Launched a Promising Acting Career

Not only has Sophie perfected the art of singing jazz standards. She has also made a name for herself in acting.

In 2020, she played Will’s daughter in the television series Will & Grace.

In November 2019, the little celebrity made an appearance in a Big Lots holiday advertisement.

In 2019, she was cast in her first Barbie commercial for the unicorn toy with amazing lights.

Later on, she appeared in another Barbie commercial.

Sophie recorded ADR in June 2020 for her role in the Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam feature picture Last Looks.

Together with her voice instructor Cody Jay, she sang a stunning rendition of “The Prayer” in late January 2021. Additionally, Sophie unveiled the music video for her rendition of Frankie Lymon’s “Goody Goody.”

Sophie made a special appearance on the Not-Too Late Show with Elmo on Sesame Street in April.

Cookie Monster himself gave her a cookie as well. Sophie posted video of herself practicing her song “Reckless Love” behind the scenes with her voice instructor.

In June, Sophie finally dropped the much-awaited music video for the beach-themed song.

Since her appearance on AGT, Sophie has continued to put in a lot of work.

She is just in third grade, yet throughout her career, she has accomplished more than other performers her age.

We’re excited to watch what this young AGT prodigy achieves next since she has big things ahead of her.

Watch her first audience below:

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