After All The Heartbreak Jennifer Garner Has Revealed Her Secret Fiancé, And You Better Sit Down Before Seeing Him

They were grinning. Jennifer Garner, who was wearing shoes and sweatpants casually, had a dimple when she looked at John Miller, who was also wearing joggers and a New York Yankees t-shirt.

On April 27, as they strolled down a calm street in Santa Monica, California, talking and laughing away, they appeared to be any other couple relishing a few tender moments of connection on a lazy Saturday morning.

For the intensely private pair, the outing was a rare occasion. According to an exclusive insider who speaks with Life & Style, six years after they initially started dating, Jen and John are “seriously in love” and in a point where they feel “comfortable going out in public more than ever.”

That’s because, after a protracted — and covert — engagement, they’re finally set to walk down the aisle, Life & Style has learnt.

Following two unsuccessful marriages and over nine years of raising her three children alone with her second husband Ben Affleck, Jen, 52, is now finding happiness with John. “They are perfect for each other,” the source said. “John really is her other half. She’s told friends, ‘I’ve never known love like this!’”


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Details of the Big Day

Jen has been secretive about her dating life since her divorce. Although she wasn’t positive that another marriage was her ultimate goal, the Alias alum stated three years ago that she didn’t think she would remain unmarried forever.

She confided in Allure, feeling proud of her independence, saying, “I really love my solo life.”

That changed a few years ago when a proposal arrived from the businessman who became Stanford Law graduate and is now the CEO of CaliGroup, which owns a network of roughly 50 CaliBurger restaurants globally.

A second source claims that Jen was taken aback by the romantic proposal and was unable to say no.

The second source states that Jen, who values her privacy, has made an effort not to wear her sparkler in public, but she has made a few mistakes.

“John spent a long time making Jen an engagement ring and gave it to her two years ago, around April 2022, which is when she turned 50,” the source adds.

The major event is starting to take form. The celebrity, who thrills admirers on Instagram with a fictitious cooking show, will keep things basic.

In their backyard, Jen and 51-year-old actor Scott Foley exchanged vows during their first wedding.

Their second date, which took place on a beach in Turks & Caicos with two pals, was with Ben, 51.

The 13–30 star also has no intention of going big for her third. Another insider suggests that it might happen in Malibu, stating that John owns estate there.

Tiny, personal and low-key. The insider claims that even though Jen gets along with Ben and his 54-year-old wife Jennifer Lopez and John has a strong relationship with his previous spouse, violinist Caroline Campbell, neither will be present.

“It would be awkward to have Ben at the wedding because Jen would have to invite J.Lo. And Jen and John don’t want to invite any more publicity than necessary, they want no distractions,” says the source. “This is their special day. They’re much more low-key and want to keep their wedding private.”


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Their Joyful Journey

The four-time Emmy nominee got exactly what she wanted in a relationship with John.

Just before she finalized her divorce from Ben, Jen thought about what she would want in a partner two years before she began seeing him in 2018.

“I don’t know. It’s just that [from] everyone that I know that is dating it just seems, well… Men don’t call anymore…” she told Vanity Fair. “I want flowers; I don’t want to text. What does that make me? What kind of dinosaur am I?”

John was a welcome change of pace following the turbulent breakup of her marriage with Ben.

The insider claims, “He loves to shower her with gifts. He’s romantic.” John was a constant, but she continued to drive Ben to recovery even after their breakup. “They can be old-fashioned,” says a source.

He and Caroline had a 15-year-old daughter named Violet and a 17-year-old son named Quest.

He was also in the last stages of a divorce and learning how to coparent. John, like Jen, loved normalcy and always placed his family first. Jen also has a daughter, Violet, 18, as well as children, Fin, 15, and Samuel, 12, with Ben.

The insider claims, “He’s very prudent and doesn’t gamble, unlike Ben, and doesn’t spend excessively.”


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Blended Family

According to a source, John and his former partner Caroline, a violinist, “are cordial and respect each other’s boundaries” while coparenting their teenagers.

They had some difficult times together; they briefly split up in 2020 due to the chaos caused by the epidemic, but they reconciled the following year.

After six years together, the two established a solid routine.

The insider said, “They do birthday parties at home with their kids and act like a normal blended family doing everyday things —getting ice cream, cooking dinner, just being together. But as much time as they spend together, they’re also secretive about most of their meetups, maybe grabbing a quick glass of wine or dinner at odd hours so they’re not seen. When they go away together, they fly private, so nobody sees them.”

Jen and John are as content as they are grounded. According to the insider, Jen wants a prenup and Johnhas no problem signing one — “he’s not intimidated and isn’t marrying Jen for her fortune” which is reported to be $80 million. “Jen is sure John’s The One and that this marriage is going to last, but she’s wise enough to know there are no guarantees.” She is prepared to accept this risk.

She’s finally in a position where she thinks she can concentrate on her own happiness, after years of putting her kids first and providing a secure home for them.

The source describes John as being kind and attentive. “He’s a great guy who loves and values her. She deserves this.”

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