Man Isolates Himself From Society For Over 25 Years. What He Does Is Beyond Belief

“In the desert of Northern New Mexico, if you listen carefully, you just might hear something more than the wind.”

You can hear the sounds of a man obsessed with his work.

You will see a small entry that opens into a cavern, where an extraordinary man, Ra Paulette, has spent 25 years carving New Mexico’s sandstone into an extremely beautiful art.

He’s spent years doing this work with the company of his faithful dog.

When he was asked if he is a man obsessed with cave digging, he states really thoughtful response: “Is a child obsessed with play?” He waxes on to say, that when you love what you are doing, you are driven to do it all the time.

He sees his majestic pieces as environmental projects; his vision is to inspire people such that they open up emotionally, in response to the enormity and power of what his carvings evoke.

It can be easily said that he created real magic in the underground caves in the desert of Northern New Mexico. They are at once intimate and overwhelming.

Interestingly, Ra doesn’t see himself as an artist, but simply as a man expressing his sense of wonder in a passionate way.

I would beg to differ with his opinion that he is not an artist. What he has created is livable art of unbelievable power.

The video you are about to watch tells the rest of his story, and gives you a tour of his magnificent caves. Unbelievably, his work had no notoriety until a filmmaker asked to do a documentary about Ra. Called “Cave Digger”, the film ended up winning an academy award!

I can guarantee that you are about to view something you have never seen before!

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