My Daughter Asked Me to Babysit My Grandson Instead of My Long-Awaited Vacation

Her daughter didn’t understand the difficulties of being a single mother and thought she was unfair.

It can be difficult to manage the responsibilities of being a single parent, but having a solid support system can make things easier.

A mother and grandma who wishes to remain anonymous posted about her experience in the “AITA” subreddit on September 16, 2023. She had been working hard to provide for her kid, whose father had abandoned them, leaving her a single mother.

Though the 56-year-old manages to balance her personal life, her position as a caring mother, and her role as an involved grandma, she had a difficult moment when she had to turn down babysitting her grandson.

Her 26-year-old daughter had experienced her son’s father’s desertion at the age of three months. She had to start over and move back in with her mother as a result.

Despite her busy schedule of work and gym visits, the elderly woman stayed dedicated to helping her daughter regain her independence.

The grandma constantly made an effort to find time in her hectic schedule to help her daughter and spend quality time with her grandson.

Her normal day ended at five o’clock, and she spent the next two hours taking care of her grandson until her daughter came home.

The grandmother handled the financial elements, explaining that her daughter took care of necessities for the baby, such diapers and nursery, while she paid home bills.

The older woman thought that she may save enough money for her own independent existence in the future because of this arrangement.

The daughter, though, wasn’t convinced.

The grandma wanted some alone time, even in spite of her heartfelt attempts to support her daughter in navigating the difficulties of being a single mother.

This goal caused them to have a serious disagreement, which made the grandma second-guess her choices.

The Mother and Daughter’s Big Argument

The grandmother’s decision to take a month off from work caused the matter to take an unforeseen turn.

Instead of going on vacation, she just wanted to take some time off and relax. But when her daughter found out about her much-needed trip, she viewed it as a perfect chance for her mother to step in and watch the kids.

The daughter thought that her mother’s leave of absence from work would help save money on creche. The grandmother, however, swiftly denied the offer after learning about it, saying, “I immediately said no, as it is my rest and taking care of a child for 6h/5d+2h at night is not in my plans.”

Even though the grandmother disapproved of her daughter’s decision to take the child out of creche, she made an effort to compromise.

In order to give her daughter more time to herself, she offered to assist with morning babysitting. However, she insisted that the grandson continue to attend nursery in the afternoon.

The daughter, however, had a different opinion. Feeling overwhelmed, she confided in her mother about the difficulties of being a single parent and said that the arrangement was not making things easier for her.

The daughter, in need of encouragement desperately, begged her mother to allow her to stay three extra hours. The grandma refused to change her mind, even in the face of an impassioned appeal.

The grandmother went on to say that she didn’t think hanging out with a 14-month-old would be relaxing.

She was sympathetic to her daughter’s difficult situation and had a great deal of compassion for her grandson, but she was adamant about making herself the priority during this vacation.

The decision made by the elderly woman to not watch her grandson was deemed acceptable by the readers.

Many concurred that her ability to come out of debt would not have been damaged by taking one month off from paying for creche.

A Reddit member made the observation that dropping the kid off at creche would end up costing her extra because they might have to give up her son’s spot for the month he would be absent.

Others suggested that the woman approach the authorities and her former boyfriend for assistance.

Commenters acknowledged that being a single mother was difficult, but many also thought the grandma shouldn’t have to give up her holiday in favour of a kid who wasn’t really hers.

Do you think the elder mother was correct to turn down the opportunity to watch her granddaughter so that her daughter could make some more cash? In the shoes of the OP, how would you respond?

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