Here’s The Surprising Reason Why Button-down Shirts Have That Little Loop On The Back

We don’t really give common design elements much thought. There are so many of them. An excellent example would be the egg carton.

Another brilliant idea would be to remove one tissue at a time from the box with ease.

You may have pondered what makes a “button-down” different from a “button-up” in the world of fashion, but have you ever noticed the loop on the back of it?

What is the actual purpose of those loops on the back of your shirts?

Why are there excess pieces of fabric where the pleat and yoke meet in the middle of the back

Known as “locker loops,” they were originally seen on shirts by the menswear company GANT in the 1960s.

Their purpose was to prevent creases on student shirts in Ivy League locker rooms.

Later, they became increasingly significant as a prevalent aspect of Ivy League culture and a school status symbol for relationships.

Ladies would wear the man’s scarves in exchange for the men taking off the loop to indicate they were taken.

It’s safe to assume that since then, a few things have changed on college campuses.

A spokesman at GANT said that back then, it was a common nuisance for young women to tear loops off of blouses worn by boys they liked.

Often, the garment would become unwearable due to a significant portion being torn from the back by tightly stitched loops.

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