Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Contestant Called His Wife For Help, Shocked To Hear A Man’s Voice

A ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ participant was rather taken aback when, when he called his wife and a male voice answered.

Although host Jeremy Clarkson gave the poor guy a hard time, viewers of the show believe they know the truth.

When JP Hogan, a contestant on the 2020 ITV show, dialled his spouse in a time of need, he was answered by a male voice.

The Lincoln science teacher had made some progress on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but he ran into trouble when he was asked a perplexing question that, if answered right, could have won him £16,000.

“Which of these days is part of the weekend in Germany?” the questioner inquired.

Hogan may select between Dienstag, Mittwoch, Sonntag, or Donnerstag. (By the way, the name was Sonntag).

And since he teaches physics instead of languages, the question kind of baffled him.

When JP Hogan reached for his Phone a Friend lifeline, he was taken aback.

The participant stated: “My wife’s auntie has lived in Germany for over 50 years, my wife’s been there a few times.

“My wife, who at different times would probably have been in the audience, is at home as one of my Phone a Friends.”

Instead of taking a chance and winging it, the competitor chose to use one of his lifelines to contact his partner Elizabeth in the hopes that she could help.

As the studio dial tone began to ring, Clarkson hurriedly inquired if Hogan would like him to update her on his progress. However, the two promptly disconnected the call upon hearing a man’s voice on the other end.

The male voice said a few incomprehensible phrases, which the player awkwardly listened to before the Top Gear star said, “That was a man who just answered your phone…

“Relax, relax! It could be completely innocent.”

The audience, Clarkson, and the competitor then anxiously awaited Elizabeth’s phone to ring again, to which she responded, naively, “Hello?”

The participant was reassured by Jeremy Clarkson that it might be “completely innocent.”

When the host asked, she then verified that she had been with some company.

One user asked, “Break time question: who was the man that answered the phone when JP phoned his wife? #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire.”

However, someone else noticed that the Phone a Friend incident actually had a quite innocent reason.

“The man answering was literally an automated voice saying ‘sorry there is no service’. Jeremy was JOKING about an affair.”

Others speculated that Elizabeth meant for someone from the programme to be watching over her to ensure she didn’t cheat and look up the answer for JP on Google when she claimed that someone was with her.

Fortunately, JP’s performance was unaffected by the incident, and he left the show with £64,000.

Take a look at the surprising moment and decide for yourself:

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