After His Challenging Divorce, Jason Momoa Is Reportedly “Pleading” For A Date With A Famous Star – And You Better Sit Tight Before Seeing Her

Jason Momoa, well known for his appearances in the television series Game of Thrones and Aquaman, appears to be gaining attention not only for his on-screen persona but also for his reported extramarital affairs.

According to recent claims, Momoa may be aiming to date one of the most well-known Hollywood actress, and you better sit tight, because you’ll surely recognize her!

After his divorce, he hasn’t been wasting any time at all.

Discover who he had his sights set on by reading on. And you ought to take a seat!

The Game of Thrones actor appears to have his sights set on Demi Moore. Momoa is claimed to have been smitten with the actress when they first met at a recent Hollywood event.

As most fans are aware, 44-year-old Jason Momoa and his four-year wife Lisa Bonet recently finalized their divorce. After a 12-year partnership, they have parted ways and are now free to pursue other love endeavors.

RadarOnline stories suggest that this development may have pulled Momoa toward Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher’s ex-wife. Willis and Moore, both 61, are parents to three children. It was reported last year that she gave Bruce a lot of support during his dementia battle.

Despite being unmarried at the moment, Moore doesn’t seem to be making it simple for Momoa to win her over.

According to reports, the two celebs were spotted together on January 18, not long after Momoa and Bonet announced their divorce. The event was a screening of the documentary Common Ground.

The National Enquirer was informed by a source that: “Following their conversation, Jason managed to obtain her number through a mutual acquaintance. He’s been quite expressive, showering her with compliments, and texting her messages like wishing her a day as beautiful as she is.”

“It’s super cheesy, but Demi’s loving it.”

Additionally, Momoa is reportedly making an effort to advance their connection by inviting Moore out on a date, according to the same story.

“He’s been pleading with her for a chance to go out with him, even reaching out to acquaintances who are close to her, hoping they’ll speak highly of him,” the insider revealed.

The source also added, “The prospect of dating Demi is a significant fantasy for Jason. He believes they would complement each other well and feels Demi could offer him valuable insights.”

Momoa bid farewell to the house they had shared and chose to live on the road in a camper after splitting up with Bonet.

Although Momoa’s sudden shift in lifestyle has drawn criticism, he readily uploads photos of his “van life” on social media and embraces the minimalism and environmental consciousness of his new home.

What do you think of Momoa and Moore potentially dating?

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