I Inherited 125K From My Deceased Grandpa But My Mom Took It All Away From Me

A young woman of 18 years of age claimed that her mother owed her $300,000. Her mother refused to give the money back when she requested it.

The young woman learned that her mother owed her nearly as much as the $125,000 she had inherited from her grandfather. To go to the university of her choice, she needed the funds.

However, things changed when she talked to her mother about the money. After receiving an adverse response from her mother, she decided to seek legal action.

The youngster revealed that her already tumultuous connection with her parents had only become more so as she got older. Her strained connection with her mother only got worse once she inherited money from her grandfather.

She went on to explain, “When I tried to get the money transferred to my college savings, I encountered a problem. My mother.”

She hoped to use the funds to enroll at her top-choice university, but her mother had other ideas. She had always assumed that OP (Original Poster) would reimburse her for all of the money she had spent on her over the years.

The OP’s mother refused to deposit the inheritance into her account when she asked.

She felt that, after everything she had done for her daughter, she was entitled to the money.

Her mother didn’t understand at first, but once OP told her the grand number, she started screaming.

OP revealed that her mother had always stolen money from her room.

She had stolen money from her safe and planned to use the money OP would earn from competing in athletic events to buy a new car.

OP, feeling helpless, avoided her mother for a few days. In the meantime, she totaled up the money that her mom owed her. She explained her method as follows:

“When I was 13 I had decided to start keeping a notebook of all of the money I had earned.”

Upon tallying the funds, OP discovered that her mother had stolen about $125,000 from her. OP owed her $250,000, which included an inheritance from OP’s grandfather.

OP went into her mother’s room bearing proof of the debt and delivered the news in an authoritative tone.

Her mother didn’t understand at first, but once OP told her the grand number, she started screaming. As she elaborated, “She started yelling that all of that was hers, since she had spent more than that on my medical bills.”

The girl waited patiently and then inquired as to why her mother didn’t do the same with the rest of the kids. Her mother responded that, as the eldest child, OP was responsible for repaying her.

OP knew her mother would be angry, so she saved a copy of everything on her computer before they spoke. She reflected on the past: “When she took my notebook and papers to destroy, I just added on what the notebook, folder, and papers had cost to the total.”

The next day, OP emailed her mom, warning that if she didn’t pay, she’d have to resort to legal action. When she found out how much money was stolen from her, she threatened legal action.

After giving her email some thought, she realized she may have been too harsh. She posted a Reddit post, asking other users if she had done the right thing.

Kris82868 gave the OP her word that she was innocent. “Paying for the medical needs of a 4 year old kid is what a parent is supposed to do and a duty,” she explained.

The OP said that she was taught that grownups owed their parents money. She worried that the recurring problems would make it impossible for her to ever repay them.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user said that, in OP’s situation, she, too, would open a new account in her own name to keep her finances independent from those of her mother. In addition, SunnyBunnyHopHop proposed: “You need to have an attorney review all the information & discuss your available options.”

OP updated her original post to say that her father was assisting her in recovering the funds.


Some Reader Comments

She had moved her finances out of her mother’s name and into her own name by opening a new bank account.

She also revealed that her mother had admitted that none of her other siblings were biologically related to their father. The mother of her five children was an adulterer who had cheated on her husband. “So now, she is dealing with a law suit, potential criminal charges, and a divorce,” she revealed.

The OP thanked everyone for their advice and expressed her desire for her father to regain custody of the children. She stated that discussing her situation with other Redditors was incredibly beneficial.

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