Get ready for a gas price explosion, two states already hit

Drivers in America better get ready for the hot gas summer as prices are probably going up. At least two states, PA and NJ, are already experiencing big increases in the last week or so. New Jersey was around the $3.30 mark in my area, but now it’s up over $3.80 as of last night. That’s a 50 cents increase in one week for us. It may have been more, but I don’t feel like going down the street to get the exact number today. I already know it’s not going to make anyone happy.

6ABC reported on gas price increases in the Philadelphia region with some more accurate numbers and explanations. The report on the gas prices in Philadelphia said:

AAA Mid-Atlantic data shows the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Pennsylvania went from $3.58 a gallon in March to $3.80 a gallon in April.

New Jersey and Delaware now sit at $3.55 and $3.53 a gallon, respectively. Pennsylvania’s price is $3.80 a gallon.

It’s higher than the national average of $3.67. So why the spike?

“Significant increasing gas prices that motorists are undoubtedly feeling this week is largely due to the switch over to summer blended gasoline,” said Jana Tidwell of AAA Mid-Atlantic. “(It) could add an additional 15 to 30 cents per gallon.”

This is apparently because of the EPA and how they want gas stations to use a summer blend by the end of April. I thought the only summer blend we were doing was Summer’s Ale beer, I had no idea there was a summer blend of gasoline too! Who knew? Not me! 6ABC also had another reason for gas price increases in PA:

The increase in gas prices is also because of Pennsylvania gas taxes.

“The Pennsylvania state gas tax is higher than most other states,” said Tidwell.

“This is $20 and it’s just like a quarter of a tank,” said Mary Zimmerman of East Falls after putting gas in her car.

Higher tensions in the Middle East make some worry gas prices will go even higher, but that hasn’t been happening, so far.

And of course, for some reason, they say the more people travel, the higher the gas prices may go. I think that’s a load of you know what. If people are buying gas like it’s nothing, why raise the prices for any reason other than greed? Just leave the prices at a decent level and let people save a few bucks. I don’t understand the math behind all of this, but I feel like it’s never in favor of the consumer.

No matter how much gas prices go, I probably still won’t drive an electric car. Gas may be expensive some days, but at least the car works in the winter and I don’t have to wait like 30+ minutes just to charge my big electric toy.

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