Here’s what you need to know about tonsil stones – the weird pimple-like growths in your throat

I sneezed 4-5 times yesterday and then felt something tickling my throat. Today, my throat is completely clear after this little thing came out. What is this? Well, you’d better know.

If you struggle with bad breath, maybe you should check your tonsils and see if there are any white or yellow spots on them.

Tonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths, are made of bits of food, bacteria, or minerals such as calcium which get stuck in the folds and gaps of the tonsils. These stones or lumps have a cheese-like structure.

Except for bad breath and sometimes discomfort in the throat, these stones cause minimal symptoms.

Although tonsil stones are often harmless and can be treated at home, it’s always for the best to seek medical advice. Of course, don’t forget to follow good oral hygiene practices and take preventive measures.

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