This Woman Slept With Her Pet Snake Every Night Until a Terrible Thing Happened

Animals have always been pampered and owned by people. Additionally, while it’s likely that they will choose cats and dogs, some people choose to welcome strange animals into their homes and hearts, including chinchillas, snakes, fennec foxes, and spiders.

Because wild animals are by nature untamed and will always follow their instincts, owning them as pets presents a problem.

Although this story has been going around Facebook for a while, it’s always a good idea to revisit it.

Namely, a woman was keeping a python as a pet for some time. She loved being around it and even let it sleep with her at night.

Over time, however, the snake stopped eating. Weeks have passed by and as the owner got concerned for the pet, she took it to the vet’s to see what the problem might be.

After a thorough checkup, the vet concluded that there was nothing wrong with the python. On the contrary, it was perfectly healthy.

He then went on to ask the woman some questions. Among the rest, she said that the snake, which was 7 feet long, would snuggle really close to her and stretch.

Hearing that, the vet said, “Ma’am your snake is not sick, he has been preparing to eat you. He’s been sizing you up everyday so he knows how big he has to be, and not eating so he has enough room to digest you.”

This came as a shock to the poor woman, but not much is known whether she gave her pet away or simply decided to keep it and sleep in a separate room.

Dr. Harry W. Greene, a professor at Cornell University, claims that a python may wrap around its victim in a matter of minutes, squeezing them until they die by stopping blood flow to the brain and lung expansion.


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