Woman Gets A Makeover But She Wasn’t Expecting The Response

We all want to look our best and at times, it takes a little bit of help and perhaps some magic to ensure that it happens. There are some, however, who want to look their best for very specific reasons, and that was the case with Vicki.

She had been married for 44 years before she got a divorce and she decided she was ready to live the rest of her life. She did so by getting a makeover.

To have the makeover done in the best way possible, she visited Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy. He is known for helping people make the biggest changes and he does so at his imaging Center in Minneapolis.

She said: “I want to learn how to make the best of me—play up my strengths and play down my weaknesses and make me look better.”

As you can imagine, this type of change after such a difficult situation can be very emotional. It was more than just some hair dye and makeup, she was getting redone from the ground up.

It wasn’t long before she became one of Christopher’s most popular makeovers because he shares them online. You can’t even imagine the level of change that she experienced until you see it for yourself.

After posting the video, there were many people who commented. Some of them were touched at how beautiful she was and how she cried, not only because the change but because divorce is hard.

It can be difficult to make a change that gives you this type of experience but sometimes, it’s exactly what you need.

Watch the change that happened in the following video:

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