A man started digging holes in the backyard – when the neighbors noticed what he was up too, they called the police immediately

What can be more relaxing than a sunbed or a hammock in the backyard while enjoying a good book and a cold beer or cocktail? A huge pool is similar to the ones that can be found at 5-stars hotels. A man thought of doing a major upgrade behind his house, but when he started implementing the plan the neighbors became suspicious. Seeing someone digging holes for days in the back of the yard can create question marks even for someone who doesn’t care what’s beyond the fence. Make sure you read till the end and see the pictures, maybe you’ll try it yourself.

After the death of his dog, this man from Canada decided to use the space for himself and his family. After analyzing the situation well, the man decided that a pool would be perfect, given the space available on the property. Together with a friend, he started digging and the project was starting to take shape with each passing day.

His neighbors began to be suspicious, thinking that the man was plotting something illegal. They called the police but everything was in order, so they understood. He did not want to have a normal swimming pool, but one like in luxury hotels, modern style, surrounded by stones.

After a lot of work under the scorching sun, the people have finished the project and if you take a look at the attached images you have to admit that you would like to jump inside on a hot day.




What do you think about this project? Tempting right? The man saved a lot of money, the same project made by a team of professionals would have cost him over $ 25,000, while his investment did not exceed $ 10,000. Forward this story to your loved ones and spread some creativity!

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