Mom Accidentally Feeds Her Kids Zombies Skittles For A Month Before Realizing What They Actually Are

Imagine being a mom and making your kids eat something that tastes like rotten flesh for over a month. Well, this epic ‘mom fail’ happened with Emily who took to social media to share the blunder, and the internet couldn’t help but react hilariously to the incident.
Growing up we all have seen the phase where our parents made us eat things that we never truly liked but since it was good for our health, we were compelled to eat it with no complaints. But that is the thing when we used to tell them that it does not taste good, they won’t really believe us and used to think we are lying.

Whatever the case may be, moms and dads don’t necessarily believe everything their children say when they don’t want to do something, especially when it comes to food.
This mom recently learned that one particular snack that she was giving to her kids was so wrong and how she never believed them when they told her it tastes horrible.
Mom Emily Massingill shared her story on Facebook of a hilarious mix-up that involved some Halloween-themed candy and her two kids. Now, when you think about it, what kid wouldn’t want some candy, right?

“Zombie Skittles” have a horrible taste inside
And to be frank, who does not love Skittles? But it seems like this one purchase of a specific Skittles flavor was not really a good idea because of its super weird taste.

Zombie Skittles are a special edition Skittles flavor that is usually released around Halloween
The Zombie Skittles apparently have some nasty flavors inside of the bag. They’re almost like Harry Potter-themed jelly beans.

Her post went viral overnight with people rushing to the comments section to react to the hilarious incident

According to Mars Wrigley, the company that makes Skittles, these Skittles come in a gray package (instead of the usual red one) and contain the regular fruit flavors, plus one “zombie” Skittle. The hidden zombie Skittle tastes like “rotten zombie,”

The best part? you will not know which one is the rotten one until you bite into it.
Reviewers online have confirmed that these zombie Skittles taste as horrible as they sound.

“Great if you never want to eat Skittles again,” said one Amazon review.
That being said, some do enjoy playing this candy version of roulette:

“These were definitely horrible! Just like they are [supposed] to be…” said another review.

Emily dismissed her kids’ complaints when they said they didn’t like the flavor
“If you’re feeling like a bad mom today, don’t worry — I fed these skittles to my kids for a solid month not realizing there is one skittle in there that taste like rotting flesh or 54 dirty diapers in the garbage,” she revealed in a now-viral Facebook post.

She thought they were being picky
“They kept telling me they didn’t like the skittles, and I told them to either eat them or they wouldn’t get any more candy ever again if they’re gonna be ungrateful,” she wrote.

As it turns out, her kids were right and Emily was just making them eat Skittles that tasted like dirty diapers.

As she realized the big blunder, Emily took to social media to share the hilarious “mom fail” with the world. Her Facebook post has generated 92,000 shares and 33,000 comments — many of those comments coming from parents who understood Emily’s exact situation.
Everyone online could not stop laughing at how hilarious this situation actually was
In Emily’s defense, she always ate Skittles from the same packet but never once encountered the rotten flavor.

One mom assured Emily that it is not her fault and that kids also sometimes develop a dislike towards things they used to love.

The mom said that she “… didn’t blame [Emily] one bit…” for reacting the way she did, as, sometimes, kids go through phases where they refuse to eat their favorite things they used to love.

One mom shared her experience with these candies in an Amazon review:
“Well, they’re Skittles so I thought the kids would like them. But there’s a random Zombie flavor in each bag, so my kids only ate one bag each. It’s some nasty flavor, not fruity. They didn’t want to risk it again. Won’t be getting this flavor again. But my kids love regular Skittles. Zombie flavor was a fail,” she said.

Well, let this story serve as a reminder for you and to always watch out for limited-edition candies!
One mom apparently was making her children some mac and cheese for dinner, only to realize that they were penis-shaped noodles. Talk about making a total mistake with your youngsters, right?

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