Candace Cameron Bure Does Not Back Down Over Backlash On ‘Inappropriate’ Pictures With Husband

Recently, Candace Cameron Bure has been under a great deal of media attention. Due to comments she made about “traditional marriage,” which did not sit well with all of her followers, the actress recently made news.

This time, the controversy is over a picture the actress uploaded of herself and her spouse.

In 1994, Candace Cameron Bure met Valeri Bure, the man she would eventually marry, at a hockey game. The two got hitched on June 22, 1996, having first begun dating in 1994.

Even though they have been married for almost 20 years, they still make time for one another and try to keep their love alive.

It was great to see the lighthearted side of their marriage in a story Bure posted on Instagram. However, the actress got a lot of backlash from her audience, who found her lighthearted demeanor inappropriate.

Furthermore, Bure did not back down in the face of criticism. She shared the picture on her account, showing that she was not going to back down. She shared two pictures of herself and her spouse online that perfectly encapsulated their “sweet and spicy” relationship. Valerie’s hand is on his wife’s chest and his arm is around her shoulder in the second photo.

Supporters forewarned her that the picture was unsuitable for a “Christian star” of her caliber. The actress did, however, respond to her detractors.I apologize if that offended you. In a follow-up video that she posted to her Instagram stories, she laughed and stated, “I’m actually not sorry.””I’m happy that after all these years, we still have fun together.”

After 24 years, she said, she was just showing the effects of a “good and healthy marriage.”

She added, “It makes me laugh because it’s my husband,” in her subsequent Instagram story video.”I hope he touches me anytime he wants to because he can.”

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