9 Heroic Dog Stories That Will Make You Ugly Cry

Nothing quite makes people cry (or turn the channel quicker) than Sarah McLaughlin’s animal cruelty PSA. Seeing an innocent dog in pain from abuse or neglect causes something deep inside humans to hurt. For the emotionally sensitive, it normally ends up with ugly crying faces and snot running down the face. Most people find this look to be unappealing – except for dogs.

Dogs do not turn away when we humans are hurt. Instead, they lick our faces, curl into our laps, and comfort us. These nine dogs have done just that – despite the hardships they faced early on in their lives.

If you can get through this list without ugly crying, I applaud you!

1. Susie, the unlikely therapy dog

Susie was perfectly paired up with the most unlikely human. Her owner was once mauled by an abused dog which caused her to lose the ability to have children. As devastating as this event was, she pressed on and did not let it turn her heart to stone.

Just a year later, Susie was just a small pit-bull mix who felt the discrimination that her breed often faces. For licking the face of a small child, she was set on fire and beaten. She was severely burned and lost her ears in the attack.

Fate intervened and Susie and her owner met. Both in need of unconditional love, they set out to teach children and adults the importance of love, kindness, and treating dogs with respect.

2. Xena, the warrior puppy

Xena is an aptly named dog as she, despite all her struggles, has kept going like a true warrior. When Xena first came to the shelter, she was horribly emaciated, with scabs all over her face. She was scared and distrusting. Then, she met the boy whose life she would forever change.

Her new owner, who is autistic, faced struggles in his every day life. He needed a companion for comfort and help him understand the world around him. Before Xena came into his life, he was mostly non-verbal. Now, he talks and even sings nonstop to his newfound friend. Xena brought comfort and growth to her 8-year-old new best friend.

3. Glory, the search and rescue expert

What is more heartbreaking than losing your pet? A tornado suddenly hits and your house is in ruins. Your family is safe minus one – your beloved dog. Who answers the call? Glory does!

Glory is an 8-year-old bloodhound with a mission. Glory is not out for ‘glory’ but to reunite lost pups in any sort of situation. Glory successfully found Goldie, a Pomeranian who was lost 60 miles from her home.

Glory and her handler arrived on the eighth day following Goldie’s disappearance. Glory found her in an abandoned warehouse after less than 24 hours. Goldie’s family and many others owe a lot to Glory.

4. Dax, the bullet-proof canine

Dax works in law enforcement, specifically with Officer Chris Alberini. One day Chris, Dax, and a slew of other law enforcement officials put their lives on the line while answering the call of duty.

The suspect was a wanted man with an arrest warrant. He was spotted entering a residence. Dax and Officer Alberini were called into action. The man turned out to be hiding in the attic with a loaded shotgun. Looking out for his best friend, Dax made sure to enter the attic first. He saw the suspect and bit hard on his leg before the suspect could get off a shot.

In the struggle, Officer Alberini was able to subdue the victim. He knew full well that he could have been shot and killed if not for Dax’s bravery.

5. Rambo, the veteran

Rambo, better known as Sergeant Rambo, proudly served among his fellow Marines. For a little over a year, Sgt. Rambo served as an explosive detection operative. Eventually, his career in active duty was sidelined when he received an injury to his left leg. It needed to be amputated, but that did not deter this canine!

Retired Sgt. Rambo went on to be an ambassador for many causes, including the Canines Members of the Armed Forces Act. Currently, he serves as the official ambassador for Gizmo’s Gift. This charitable organization awards financial support to the adopted families of retired working dogs.

6. Hudson, the railroad puppy

Hudson’s tale begins sorrowfully. Hudson and his two siblings were found dumped and abused near the railroad tracks in Albany, New York. Badly hurt, Hudson and his siblings were given emergency care. He and his sister survived, while his second sister did not, unfortunately. Despite doctor’s best efforts, Hudson lost his back left paw.

Undeterred, Hudson received a prosthetic paw – a first in the state of New York. Hudson and his new adoptive family make the rounds at local hospitals, schools, adult day cares, and even hospices.

Hudson brings comfort to people around him despite his rough beginnings in life. His new mission is to keep visiting people to bring them joy.

7. Kota, the loyal wonderdog

Kota is another well-trained and loyal canine working side by side with law enforcement. One day, Kota and her handler received a called that a burglary of a house was in progress. Responding to the call of duty, they arrived and began searching the premises for suspects.

A suspect was hiding in the upstairs crawlspace. When Kota pursued the suspect, the floor gave away underneath, Kota fell to the floor below. The officers could hear Kota’s cries and yelps. After Kota’s handler was able to switch off to another officer, he immediately turned to check on Kota. To the officer’s astonishment, Kota had climbed back up to join the officers and was behind him.

Even though badly wounded, Kota was determined to stay by his handler’s side. Following the arrest, officers rushed Kota to an emergency veterinarian. Kota had essentially split his elbow bone in two but was still able to muster strength to climb upstairs. Kota is undergoing physical therapy in hopes of returning to the side of his handler.

8. Tatiana, the life saver

Tatiana is a black lab who was trained to assist her deaf owner. During the early morning hours one night, her owner began having difficulty breathing. Eventually, she stopped breathing. Tatiana, a trained professional, sprang into action. She immediately alerted her owner’s parents.

When her owner’s parents arrived in the room, they found their daughter unconscious. After the paramedics rushed her to the hospital, the paramedics informed the family that Tatiana saved her life. Since then, Tatiana has been at her owner’s side, even through college. Upon graduation from Purdue University, Tatiana even walked around across the stage and received her diploma. She received a Masters in “Friendship and Guidance” – a degree that was well earned.

9. JJ, the doctor’s assistant

JJ is a white and fluffy dog, but don’t let her looks fool you. JJ is extremely intelligent.

At a few weeks old, she was dropped off at a shelter. The shelter made the decision to train JJ. It turned out that JJ was exceptionally gifted at detecting mast cells. This was a life saving decision for her new owner, KK, a five-year-old. KK suffers from several medical issues, all brought on by mastocytosis. This rare conditions leaves KK susceptible to her environment.

JJ can detect whenever a mast cell reaction is happening. She then alerts KK and her family. JJ has saved KK’s life and improved it overall. JJ was even invited into the surgery room while KK underwent surgery.

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