An 11-year-old girl started singing in the street by joining a street musician

Talented people can be found everywhere. There are people who are born talented. And not everyone is lucky to be in the field of talented singing. In addition to being talented, you should constantly improve your talent and develop new skills. Children can surprise us in everything and even in the arena of singing. Today we will introduce a talented girl named Amira.

She became famous at the age of 9 when he won Holland’s Got Talent. Her voice surprised the jury. She has a very powerful voice. They say the girl has the voice of an angel. Compared to her age, she sings such songs that are complicated and not every singer or singer can sing those songs. Shewas born very talented. Amira sings those songs easily. Amira did not go on stage this time. This time she decided to sing in the street. A boy playing on the street. and the girl sings.

The boy playing on the street said that he didn’t want to perform with the girl from the beginning, but when he found out who the girl was, he immediately agreed to play. The interesting thing is that the girl and the boy did not plan their singing and playing in advance. Everything in this video is natural and without experience. When they started their performance, the passers-by gathered around them and listened to their wonderful performance. the video appeared on the Internet and collected millions of views. The video also received many positive comments, which proves their wonderful performance.

The girl chose to sing the song “Ave Maria”. This performance was not planned from the beginning. But look how great their performance turned out.


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