Hollywood Heartthrob Tom Cruise Swept Off His Feet by Rumored ‘New’ Love

As far as the general public is aware, Tom Cruise has remained silent on the subject of a meaningful romantic relationship for quite some time.

The divorce from Cruise’s third wife, Katie Holmes, occurred fifteen years ago.

The 61-year-old actor may still be one of the most renowned persons on the planet, but he appears to have had little luck in the dating department.

Rumors started circulating recently linking Cruise to Shakira, a Colombian pop artist who had also gone through a divorce, and subsequently to Hayley Atwell, his co-star in Mission: Impossible. These rumors, however, do not appear to be very reliable.

Tom Cruise fans may soon get to witness their favorite actor with a new lady.

His 36-year-old ex-wife Elsina Khayrova is rumored to be involved in a love relationship with a Russian billionaire.

Speculation has it that Elsina Khayrova and Tom Cruise were spotted together at a Mayfair, London, party. Her father is a Russian member of parliament, and she was previously wed to Dmitry Tsvetkov.

They seemed to be inseparable, according to some who attended the celebration.

As one observer put it, “He seemed to be besotted with her.” to about 9 o’clock in the evening, they arrived to the event, much to everyone’s delight.

“Cruise was really nice – people kept asking for pictures, but he kept saying no politely,” said the Mail’s source.

“Later, the DJ had to tell everyone in Russian that Mr. Cruise didn’t want any photos.

“He spent most of the night dancing with Ms. Khayrova, but at one point, he was just having fun dancing in the middle of a group of women.”

The divorce from her ex-husband, a business magnate, was finalized earlier this year by Khayrova, a former model and British citizen.

When she was compelled to pay a substantial sum of £117,000 ($149,50) to a company that had placed fountains in one of her and her ex-husband’s residences in 2022, her name was in the news.

Cruise, on the other hand, has been married three times. His first marriage lasted from 1987 to 1990, and he was married to Nicole Kidman for eleven years, from 1990 to 2001.

After his marriage to Katie Holmes ended in 2012, the actor and Scientologist has been single ever then. Their marriage lasted from 2006 to 2012.

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