A Photo on My Boss’s Computer Ruined My Life

Tasha wakes up to an ominous text from her fiancé, ending their life together. But when she gets to the office, she realizes there’s much more to the story. Is it a mere coincidence, or is there something else going on?

Imagine this: your fiancé dumps you over a text out of nowhere.

We can’t be together anymore, Tash. Don’t even try to contact me. It’s over.

Just like that. And what about our wedding? Just two months away.

Of course, I was a wreck. Jonathan and I had been together for years. But it was a Monday morning, and I knew I was in for a long week. I couldn’t afford to sit in a corner and cry.

I couldn’t let Jonathan affect my job. Everything else had changed with the breakup text — except my job.

“Life doesn’t stop for a broken heart, Tasha,” I told myself in the mirror.

So, I tried to keep my chin up and focus on work. Every fiber of my being wanted to phone Jonathan and get to the bottom of this unexpected breakup. But I needed to respect myself.

A few hours later, while sitting at my desk, my boss, Mr. Clark, called. He was an intimidating man who preferred to work from the comfort of his home office.

“Tasha!” his voice boomed into my ear as I picked up the phone.

“Good morning, Sir. How can I help?” I asked, gulping down cold coffee.

“I need you to access some files from my computer. Can you send them over to me as soon as possible?”

“Of course,” I said, standing up quickly, as though he were watching me.

“I’ll send you an email with what I need,” he said. “Thanks!”

No biggie, I thought to myself. I needed to stay busy anyway — Jonathan was constantly on my mind.

Mr. Clark’s office oozed luxury. He had a long couch covered with throw pillows. All I wanted to do was crawl onto the couch and take a nap.

How could Jonathan have been so cold? A text? I couldn’t understand how he was willing to throw away so many years together — and over a text.

It made absolutely no sense to me. I thought we were good. Great, even. A few days ago, I had finally said yes to my dream dress.

And now?

The dress had to be returned.

I pushed the power button on Mr. Clark’s desktop and waited for it to come to life.

I sat back in the chair, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I needed to breathe.

The computer came on, and I logged in — only to get the biggest shock of my life.

My boss’s wallpaper was a picture from that restaurant — the restaurant that Jonathan and I used to go to all the time. He had even proposed right there, at our usual table.

As I found the folder I was looking for, I saw it.

Jonathan’s face.

There, smiling back at me, was my boss with Jonathan and two absolutely stunning women. I knew one woman was my boss’s wife — Mr. Clark had introduced us at the company’s Christmas dinner.

I looked at Jonathan’s face — his smile reached his eyes. His hand was curved around the woman’s waist, her hand clutching his.

Jonathan looked happy.

Panicking, I picked up my boss’s office phone and called him.

“Sir, why on earth is my ex-fiancé on your desktop?”

“What do you mean?” Mr. Clark asked. “My wallpaper?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, aware that my voice was higher than normal.

“Did you just say ex-fiancé? Tasha?” he asked urgently.

“Yes! Up until this morning, Jonathan was my fiancé,” I said. “How do you know him?”

“That man is about to be my son-in-law. He’s marrying my daughter, Kelsey, next weekend.”

He was stunned.

“I’ll meet you at the office shortly, Tasha. Wait for me,” he said.

When Mr. Clark got to the office, he poured us both whiskey from his top shelf.

Then, he revealed his personal side to me. Mr. Clark said that his daughter, Kelsey, had recently gotten engaged.

“She introduced Jonathan to my wife and me about a year ago. And then they got engaged on her birthday this year. My wife has been more involved with the wedding planning than I.”

He paused and took a sip of his drink.

“Right, you just swiped your card,” I said, immediately regretting it.

Mr. Clark raised his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry,” I said, genuinely. “It’s been a horrible day. Please continue.”

“Last week, Jonathan came over for dinner, and he and Kelsey announced that they would be moving the wedding date up.”

I remained silent, looking at the tear in my stockings.

“You didn’t suspect anything?” he asked.

“Not at all. Jonathan and I didn’t live together. We were only going to move in together after our wedding — which is supposed to be two months away.”

“You have many difficult phone calls to make,” Mr. Clark said.

Mr. Clark asked me many questions after that — about Jonathan’s full name, his address, birth date, and so on. He wanted to make sure that we were talking about the same man, even though his face stared back at us from the computer wallpaper.

After the initial shock, my boss went into protective dad mode. He called Kelsey in, and we exposed Jonathan to her.

Watching her cry made me finally release my emotions.

Mr. Clark handed tissues to both of us, unsure what to do.

“You girls have to teach him a lesson,” he said suddenly.

We decided that Mr. Clark would invite Jonathan to the restaurant for a family dinner and catch-up.

“He wouldn’t refuse a free meal,” Kelsey sniffed.

“Meet us there,” Mr. Clark told me as I left for the day.

At home, I took a ridiculously hot shower, letting the water beat against my skin. I planned on dressing up — eager to show Jonathan that I wasn’t torn up over his betrayal.

The dinner was at our favorite restaurant, teeming with all the memories I had with Jonathan.

The look on his face when he saw me sitting with the Clarks was priceless. I didn’t want to say anything. I was afraid I would break the façade I had put on.

Mr. Clark took the lead and revealed the truth — that we had figured Jonathan out.

“It’s not what you think,” Jonathan mumbled. “I love you both.”

The entire time Mr. Clark spoke, Kelsey gripped my arm, as if hanging on for dear life.

In the end, Jonathan walked himself out of our lives. Kelsey and I, bound by our shared pain, vowed to support one another. And Mr. Clark encouraged me to take some time off.

“Paid leave, Tasha,” he said. “Your job will be waiting for you.”

I took the time off and rented out a little cabin, just for a change of scenery.

In theory, I’m done with Jonathan. But my heart still hurts.

What would you have done?

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