Mom Thinks Her Baby Is Blowing Bubble In Ultrasound, Then Doctors Discover What It Really Is

Mother’s Remarkable Journey: Overcoming a Rare Tumor


A Startling Ultrasound Discovery

Tammy Gonzalez, a resident of Miami, Florida, underwent a routine ultrasound during her pregnancy and was taken aback when doctors noticed something unusual above her baby’s mouth. It appeared to be a large bubble, raising concerns for both Gonzalez and the medical team.

A Rare and Potentially Fatal Tumor

Upon closer examination, the doctors identified the bubble as a teratoma, an extremely rare and typically fatal tumor affecting approximately 1 in every 100,000 births. Faced with this diagnosis, Gonzalez’s doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy due to the risks of a potential miscarriage.

A Determined Mother’s Choice

Despite the grim prognosis, Gonzalez refused to give up on her baby and believed that there was a way to save her. She expressed her conviction, saying, “There must be something we can do.” Her unwavering determination led her to explore alternative options.

The Unprecedented Endoscopic Surgery

Gonzalez discovered a groundbreaking procedure called endoscopic surgery that had never been attempted before. Undeterred by the risks involved, she made the courageous decision to pursue this uncharted territory. With an optimistic mindset, she simply said, “Let’s do this.”

A Pioneering Surgery

Dr. Ruben Quintero, the director of the Fetal Therapy Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, took on the monumental task of performing the surgery. With the aid of a tiny camera and surgical tools, he navigated through a small incision in Gonzalez’s abdomen and into the amniotic sac. Remarkably, Gonzalez remained awake throughout the entire procedure.

A Weight Lifted

Gonzalez recalled the experience, sharing, “I couldn’t feel the incision because of the local anesthetic, but I could feel the tube going into the sac. It felt like a popping balloon.” The camera provided a close-up view of the tumor, allowing Dr. Quintero to assess the risk and make critical decisions.

A Miraculous Moment

In a decisive moment, Dr. Quintero made the decision to cut the stem of the tumor, leading it to detach and fall away. Gonzalez watched with relief as the tumor disappeared from her baby’s face on the ultrasound screen. She described the moment as incredible, akin to a tremendous weight being lifted.

A Shrunken Tumor and a Healthy Baby

As the tumor was too large to be removed through the amniotic sac, it remained in the womb until Leyna’s birth four months later. By that time, the tumor had significantly shrunk. Leyna entered the world healthy, with only a tiny scar on the roof of her mouth as a reminder of her extraordinary journey.

A Miracle Child

Gonzalez expressed her joy and gratitude, saying, “She’s perfectly fine. She talks, she drinks. She is my little miracle child.” Leyna’s story serves as a testament to the strength of a mother’s love and the incredible advancements in medical science.

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