Tattooed «Black Alien» Can’t Find Job Due To His Looks, Here’s What He Looked Like Before

Anthony claims that he has only achieved 34% of his desired makeover, even after undergoing a number of startling changes, such as the removal of his upper lip earlier this year.

Anthony has been drastically altering his body for more than 10 years, frequently at great risk. He has had operations like eyeball tattooing, which has put his vision in danger.

In his quest for an otherworldly look, he was willing to push boundaries to the limit, removing both of his ears surgically in addition to other modifications including tongue-splitting.

Anthony has traveled the world for his many transformations, going to other countries for medical care because it is not legal in his home France. He went to Spain last year for surgery to remove his nose.

Dermal implants give his face a textured appearance and sculpted lines around his cheekbones, enhancing his facial characteristics even further.

Anthony chronicles his incredible transformation on his 718,000-strong Instagram account, the Black Alien Project. He never ceases to astound his audience with his unwavering dedication to changing his physical identity.

Anthony posted a picture of himself after surgery showing off his most recent project, a bloody, sewn scar on his hand with the words “I develop my inner peace.”

Although his daring changes often provoke conflicting responses, Anthony’s audacity garners him both admiration and mistrust from his supporters.

Commentator: “This is both unnerving and fascinating at the same time.” Although I don’t think I could follow such a path, I applaud you for following your dreams.

“Congratulations on moving forward with the project,” said one of the congratulations sent to Anthony. It is just amazing.

Nevertheless, others also voiced their opinions. One said, “Blatant disrespect to those that are unfortunate to have lost limbs and look for ways to function as the human body should.”

Anthony, who has been passionate about his journey of transformation since he was young, does not waver in the face of the diverse replies.

“In 2017, I went through a turning point in my career as a security guard,” he said to the French publication Midi Libre. I realized that I wasn’t living the kind of life I really wanted. I took a drastic decision at the age of 24 to pack up everything and travel to Australia. With time, I’ve developed a habit of continuously planning and thinking through my monthly schedule—almost to the point of instinct.

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