Four grandmothers went on stage, and the hall resounded with applause

The 4 grandmothers came on stage and as soon as the audience and the jury saw them, they stood up and started shouting. The grandmothers decided to act as a group.

Everyone was impatiently waiting for what the grandmothers would introduce. Everyone was very interested in what was waiting for them. Grandmothers wore shiny dresses. No one expected such a thing from grandmothers. What they did exceeded all expectations. This was really wonderful, grandmothers proved that age has nothing to do with anything. And their age does not prevent them from dancing wonderfully. After the speech, the hall just resounded with applause. Simon Cowell was also surprised by the grandmothers’ dance.

After the speech, the jury unanimously voted in favor of the grandmothers because they wanted to see the grandmothers in the competition in the future. This was really great.


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