In the most expensive mobile home in the world. It costs like 10 apartments, and there’s even a garage underneath: video

Who can guess how much the most expensive motorhome costs? yes, yes, it’s worth a million dollars.

Let’s see what this expensive vehikle is like.

The motorhome is not like the motorhomes we are used to.

It looks like a huge rocket ship. Super modern in every way.

It is based on a Mercedes and develops a fairly high speed with such huge dimensions.

Inside the motorhome there is everything from a dishwasher to a washing machine.

In such a motorhome you can travel and live. The most important innovation in this car is the garage.

Yes, yes, it has a garage for a car. So you can park it in some convenient place, and drive around the area in a car.

This gigantic machine weighs 26 tons.

The whole design is made in a modern style, retractable shelves and platforms are built in everywhere.

The motorhome has a shower and a bath. If you decide to stop and rest, folding chairs and a table are available for this purpose.

At the front, the motorhome accommodates the driver and passengers in air-conditioned captain’s seats with spring suspension and massage function.

This is a luxurious modern motorhome. An interesting solution is to expand the living space through a retractable module.

The entire floor is covered with parquet, and the sofas are upholstered in leather.

Attractive furnishings and décor include director-style folding dining chairs, wall sconces, a ceramic toilet and sink, lighting,

a bathroom and a leather upholstered sofa.

The bedroom has a huge double bed, and if necessary, a slightly smaller one can be pulled out from above.

The kitchen has all household amenities, including utensils. Dembell specializes in motorhomes,

but this home exceeded all expectations. It may seem to us that it costs too much, but it’s worth it. It looks like a real land yacht.

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