Blake Shelton Opens Up About Leaving ‘The Voice’ and Prioritizing Family

After 12 years and nine victories, Blake Shelton’s run as a coach on “The Voice” is coming to an end. The country singer announced his decision to leave the popular NBC singing competition after season 23, expressing his gratitude for the show and everyone involved. As Shelton prepares to bid farewell to his coaching role, he reflects on his reasons for stepping away and what the future holds for him.

A Farewell to “The Voice”

In an Instagram post, Shelton shared his heartfelt decision to leave “The Voice” after its 23rd season. He expressed his appreciation for the program, acknowledging how it has improved his life and made him feel at home. Shelton thanked everyone at NBC, including the producers, writers, musicians, crew, and catering staff, for their dedication and support throughout the years. It’s clear that this journey has been an incredible ride for

Embracing Quality Time with Family

One of Shelton’s main reasons for leaving “The Voice” is to spend more time with his wife, Gwen Stefani, and her children. Shelton plans to concentrate on creating lasting memories with his loved ones after the season wraps up. In an interview, he shared that after years of traveling and working, he’s ready to enjoy a simple and cozy life with Stefani. They cherish their time together and find joy in the little things, like staying in and watching their favorite shows.

The Next Chapter in Shelton’s Music Career

While family is a priority for Shelton, he is also eager to explore new opportunities in his music career. He acknowledges the evolving landscape of country music and the incredible talent emerging in the industry. Shelton wants to take a step back from “The Voice” to focus on creating his next record and ensure it aligns with the current music scene. He appreciates the work of young, inventive artists and seeks to find his place in this ever-changing world of country music.

Pursuing New Endeavors

Apart from his music, Shelton is excited about pursuing other ventures. One of these is his game show, “Barmageddon,” which he co-created with “The Voice” host, Carson Daly. Shelton remains open to new opportunities, but he’s in no rush to dive into another project. While some may question his decision to leave “The Voice,” Shelton is content with taking things one step at a time and allowing more personal and family time in his life.

Reflecting on a Life-Changing Journey

Leaving “The Voice” was not an easy decision for Shelton. The show has played a significant role in his career, propelling him to new heights as a country artist. It took him from being a seasoned performer to reaching the top echelon of country musicians. Shelton recognized the impact “The Voice” had on his life during an interview, expressing his gratitude for the opportunities it provided. Despite the show’s profound influence, he believes it’s time for a new chapter and some much-needed downtime.

As Blake Shelton’s final season on “The Voice” approaches its end, he looks forward to a future filled with family, music, and new adventures. While bidding farewell to his coaching role may be bittersweet, Shelton’s decision is fueled by a desire to prioritize the important things in life. As he embarks on this new journey, we can expect to see him continue to make his mark in the music industry and cherish the precious moments with his loved ones.

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