This worker at the train station wows the audience when he starts playing jazz

When this traffic officer at St. Pancras station, London, was on his lunch break, he decided to sit at the public piano on display at the station and treat passersby to some of his songs. The worker surprised everyone who was in the area with a fantastic and surprising ‘boogie-woogie’ style in an impromptu performance, and more than one did not hesitate to stop for a moment to enjoy the melody.

The boogie-woogie style, so fast and exhilarating, it requires incredible skill and talent and within seconds he already had a crowd of people gathered around him. Travelers passing through the station were amazed by his piano performance, and it certainly proves that talent can be found all over the world. After finishing the minute and a half of his piano performance, the worker receives a round of applause and is lost in the crowd soon after.

 It’s amazing how good a piano can sound, and this hard worker’s talent definitely made a lot of people at St Pancras station smile and wonder, after the man had made their day. It’s amazing to see how someone he plays music with his soul and transmits only good vibes to those around him. Take a look at the following video and enjoy its melody too.


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