This little cat is very caring towards the little chick, just like its mother

It turns out friendship happens not only between people, but also between animals. On the Internet, a young man named Taras distributed an interesting video where a kitten is friends with chickens. Many believe that cats and chickens cannot live in harmony. Although cats have hunting instincts, they are able to get along with many other pets, even tame rats and hamsters. Especially if they grew up together.

The cat behaved surprisingly calmly with chickens, and they were not afraid to come closer. Feeling that nothing threatened them, the chickens approached the cat and sat next to it. One of them even climbed onto her back, but the cat not only did not throw him off, but even sat down so that he suddenly did not fall. Most animals are not devoid of emotions and feelings.

Being amazingly kind creatures, they are able to show help, friendship and love. Such relationships in themselves are not uncommon, and their manifestations are amusing and touching for us. It is not entirely clear what can connect a cat and a chicken, but there are many examples when these creatures get along well with each other. How sweet it is when a little chicken sees a kindred spirit in a cat, and in a cat “maternal feelings wake up.”

But next to a person, such friendship is not such a rare occurrence. Firstly, these are already pets, partly their natural instincts are suppressed, and secondly, such friendships are often born under control. But with chickens, ducklings, and especially with parrots, cats are friends quite often. How did it happen? Sometimes they are brought together by random circumstances, but most often the initiator of such friendship is a person. If you think about it, then after all, a person knows very little about animals, more precisely about their intellect and emotions. Science says that animals only act on instinct, but who knows, maybe that’s not always the case. Examples of friendship between different types of animals are an example of kindness and care, not instincts. In theory, a cat should not be friends with clowns.

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