“She Was Embarrassed By Her Rounded Belly”: A Woman Gives Birth To Her Son at the Age of 62!

The remarkable tale of Patricia Rashbrook, a 62-year-old child psychiatrist who, with the help of her second husband, fulfills her ambition of having a child is told.

Patricia went to a reproductive health clinic for help since she was having trouble getting pregnant naturally.

Although infertility is sometimes not an option for women over 40 in the UK, Patricia and John were able to get assistance from a controversial Italian expert who was well-known for his non-conventional methods.

When Patricia first returned to the UK, she pretended to be pregnant out of fear for other people’s opinions.

In 2006, Patricia, then sixty-two, gave birth to a healthy son, JJ. JJ, who recently turned 17, sheds light on the unusual experience of becoming a mother later in life.

Patricia’s eventual embrace of motherhood gives the story an intriguing new dimension. Please share your thoughts on this amazing story with us!

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