Nobody Wants To Buy This Lovely House, And This Is All Because Of The Way It Looks Inside

If you have ever hired a real estate agent and gone from house to house in search of your new home, you probably know that sometimes you have to keep an open mind with real estate. Some home owners have their homes professionally staged to make them more appealing to buyers, but other home owners, well, don’t.

In order to want to buy a home, a potential buyer needs to be able to envision themselves in the home. That can be hard to do when the interior or exterior of a home has features that are odd, outdated or strangely specific in some way. Any of these qualities also mean that the new owner would most likely be looking at additional costs for renovations, which can be unappealing.

One home in the U.K. sounded very appealing from the description on the website. It has four bedrooms, a master suite, a garage and a landscaped garden. The real estate agent also describes it as being well maintained “to a high standard.” Yet, nobody wants to buy it. Why? It makes sense when you see the interior pictures.

Everything, and we mean everything, is purple.

We could handle a little purple paint on the walls. Wall color is easy enough to change, but the purple hardly stops there. The flooring is purple. The curtains are purple. Even the ceiling is purple.

The closet doors in that master suite are purple too. Those might be a little bit harder to change out than simply painting the walls.

There are even purple flowers on the tiles in the bathroom, and the bathtub is surrounded by shaggy purple carpet. As if carpet in a bathroom weren’t bad enough, this carpet is even on the sides of the tub – and so very purple.

While the entire interior of this house needs to be redone, unless the next owner loves purple as much as the previous owner, the outside is okay. Thankfully, the exterior shows no sign of the plethora of purple that is inside. In addition, the landscaped garden is basically just green. It feels like relief after seeing all of that purple.

Would you consider buying a home that needed so much work on the interior? Does it surprise you that this home is having trouble finding a buyer?

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