Her Doctor Told Her To Pull The Plug But 2 Simple Words Changed Everything

When we get married, we say the words that it is for better or worse. Those are more than words, they are a promise that we make at that time and it’s important to keep that promise.

Nobody knows this better than Danielle and Matthew Davis. They were a young couple that met and it was love at first sight. In fact, they were married only two months after they first met each other.

Everything was going beautifully in their marriage for the first seven months but unfortunately, Matthew had an accident. He was in a devastating motorcycle accident and ended up in a coma.

As a result of being in a coma, Matthew was hospitalized for a number of months. His doctor spoke with Danielle, telling her that she should pull the plug. He rationalized that it was what Matthew would want her to do.

Danielle thought about the situation and then refused the offer. She knew that her husband would eventually recover from his injuries, despite what the doctors had to say.

Eventually, Matthew was well enough to go home and his mother and Danielle were caring for him. A few months continued to go by when he woke up and spoke his first words, telling Danielle: “I’m trying.”

Matthew may have been conscious at this time but he still was suffering from brain injuries. He also had amnesia and could not remember the past three years, including any memory of Danielle.

You can see more about their story below.

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